Build to Plans can prepare all the architectural planning drawings required for permission applications to the Local Authority for your new house, loft conversion, house extension, garage conversion, annexe or porch.

Did you know that if you proceed straight to construction without the appropriate consents, your local authority can enforce the removal of your completed structure?

Therefore it can save you alot of time and money getting the right consents in place prior to construction work beginning. Build to Plans can ensure that you have the right drawings and the right consents in place prior to the start of building.

However you might want to consider under what circumstances you might need to gain a planning permission.

Here are some situations you will need to obtain planning approval prior to commencing work (but not limited to):-

arrow right architectural servicesNew buildings
arrow right architectural servicesExtensions, including conservatories, porches, sun lounges, loft conversions etc..
arrow right architectural servicesGarages and other buildings on land around your property.
arrow right architectural servicesFences, walls, driveways.
arrow right architectural servicesChange of use.
arrow right architectural servicesWorks to Listed Buildings and/ or within a Conservation Area.
arrow right architectural servicesIf in doubt ask.

planning drawings Suffolk

Planning drawings for Planning application for extension and alteration of dwelling, Ipswich Suffolk.

We can provide all the planning permission drawings required by your Local Authority and we will act as your agent to submit the planning application to your Local Authority.

The Application

1.   Planning Applications take around 8 weeks from the application to decision.

2.   Submit drawings, application forms and correct fee to the Local Authority.

3.   Acknowledgement of receipt received from Local Authority.

4.   Local Authority will carry out the necessary consultation with all relevant parties.

5.   Planning Authority visits site, collects comments from consultees, neighbours etc..

6.   Planning Authority makes a recommendation for approval, possibly with conditions, or refusal.


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